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    While Live Sound is my hobby & passion. I am a Infrastructure Operational Management person by profession
    and Monitoring & Instrumentation is my daily work. Hence when things go “wrong” or “change” during a Live Sound performance, my brain keeps thinking’s how “I could have identified” the issue faster.

    I had a “Standing-Base Drum” with a Mic under the Instrument. During the Performance, into the 5th or 6th Song, with the Vibrations on the Stage, the Mic just came loose and was now directed towards the floor, which resulted in a Sudden Buzz. It took few minutes to see that the Mic was loose and was fixed.

    The Snare-Drum had an SM57 on Stand and during the performance, the Drummer in all his excitement knocked the Mic off the Alignment , we started hearing intermittent “Whistling” and “Muting” channels during the Whistle we were able to isolate and fix the issue.

    Of-Course better Mic-Stands or Clip-Mics would have fixed the issue. But putting on my Monitoring “hat”. Is it possible to have a way to identify such Anomaly faster. In general monitoring we do it by Base-line & identifying outliers.

    E.g During a Sound-Check you set a “Threshold” per Channel. If any change is observed “Above” or “Below” the threshold, there is a “Indicator” on the channel.

    If such a feature exists, then please let me know.

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    Defining “anomaly” would seem an insurmountable problem.

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    Sounds impossible.
    The console has no idea what the current “sound” sounds like, there is no way for it to know when something changes.

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    Yup, agreed, doubt it’s even feasilble.

    And better stands/mounting is a much better solution, i.e., resolving the root cause.

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    live sound is my profession, and anticipating/identifying/avoiding such things is part of it.

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