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    Trying to hear on headphones the internal reverb fx2 added into my output aux mix going to our stream feed. Can’t figure out the proper PAFL settings. During our worship services all I hear is dry mix when heaphone monitoring our stream out AUX feed. However the stream feed is under or oversaturated with reverb. My older GL console was easy to hear insert reverb in its matrix mix (was using an outboard Lexicon reverb unit).

    I understand the Fx2 send and return concept. I just need to hear the summed output so I can get the proper dry/wet mix dialed in. Seems like a common setup scenaio but can’t seem to get it configured. Thanks for any advice.

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    Mike C

    Is FX2 just for the live stream mix or is it also feeding the main PA mix?

    On the mix feeding the live stream do you have the send level for that mix brought up
    on the FX2 return channel?
    If so when you would PFL that mix you would hear the reverb on the mix and adjust the level as needed.

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    Did you find any solution for this?
    I’m having the same issue.
    I have my Live Stream (Aux8).
    All the proper faders are up, including the FX1Rtn track. But when monitoring that Aux8 with PAFL, only the dry mix is present. The FX1Rtn is not added to the mix, even tho that track is 0db.
    I double checked the FX rack, and it’s getting signal from the individual main tracks, and the FXSend is at 0db.

    Does the Aux PAFL include the FXRtn tracks, or do I have to additive that track PAFL to the monitor mix?

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    Mike C

    You need to bring up the Aux 8 send level on the FX1 return channel, think of the
    FX return just like any other input channel that you want to bring into Aux 8 for the live stream.

    Now if the FX1 is only for the the live stream mix on Aux 8 and that send is set to post fade unless the main FX1 return is up you will not have any FX level to the Aux 8.
    You could set the Aux 8 send on the FX1 return to be PRE FADE or if you do not want
    FX1 in the main un assign it from the main LR mix, keep the AUX 8 mix send set to post fade and then bring up the main FX1 return fader.

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