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    I suspect that this is going to be impossible from a hardware perspective…

    The dSnake is great – Cat5 for lots of audio.
    The remote control is great – particularly for QuYou users on stage.

    Any way to vlan the remote control over the dSnake, and maybe have it emerge on the “monitor” port of the stagebox.
    Else I’ll probably end up with a couple of vlanning switches which is possible, but a bit messy…

    Since I assume that it is impossible for hardware reasons I’ll leave it as a “maybe next time”

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    Since wifi and dsnake are 100 Mbit connections, you can do a hardware split on your cat5 cable. Use 2 pairs for dsnake, and 2 pairs for wifi.

    Works like a charm. An yes simple to make. Looks a bit stupid ? Agree, but saves using switches with vlan circuits. I use it to connect an artnet dmx output controller.


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    Yes, I could do that, I prefer to have the extra grounds for signal strength, but I had considered it…

    Need to get a few ethercon sockets though.

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    I’d go with that.

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    Nicola A&H

    A note of caution if I may. If you use the spare twisted pairs in the dSNAKE connection we cannot guarantee reliable performance especially over long cable runs, nor that it meets EMC standards. So proceed at your own risk!

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    It used to be a fairly commomn trick back when 100MBit was the fastest common speed, I’ve used it a few times in places where adding more cables was impractical.

    Mind you I’ve also used a telephone wiring bundle to run 100Mbit over about 150 metres, with about 1.5″ of untwisted cable in the ‘patch’. I reckon the other 16 or so grounded cables in the run helped somewhat.

    Testing is obviously essential!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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