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    Hi All,

    I use a fully loaded GLD80 for FOH and just added a QU16 (really wanted a QU24, but not available here yet and first 2 shipments sold out!) for smaller monitor jobs.

    I would love to use the Monitor Port on the AR2412 and have it talk to the dSnake port on the QU16 and the QU recognise it as an input. This would save using outboard transformer splits and make a really useful package.


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    Well.. this sounds pretty easy… and personally i would love to have this implemented because i have a Qu-16 and a GLD-80 as well! But i know that there are a few more question to be cleared….:¨
    – which console does control the Gain of the AR-Racks?
    – with a Qu-16 is the input-channel-count limited to 16Mono and 3stereo?
    – does the software even communicate between GLD and Qu-Series?
    – do we need an extension card to do so (Like Dante!) And if so.. is it possible to upgrade the Qu with DANTE?

    at least i think it’s not really worth to have this possibility.. i rather get a second GLD and a DANTE Card for both consoles! Way faster to work with it and especially the awesome MIX-Buttons on the GLD and iLive are the best for monitoring!

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    I too have a GLD-80 and a QU-16, and would like to se this implemented. Both consoles can individually talk to a AR2412 using DSnake. I had hoped to digitally split and share the DSnake. When the QU-16 was first released I remember seeing that this would be possible, has anybody tried it? I presume that the QU-16 would be the master as it doesn’t have controls to accept an external clock.
    Perhaps A&H could tell us if this will be available in a future update.


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    I think this is asking a bit much.

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    If you don’t ask………..

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    the squeak gets the oil!
    I was told the AR2412 is a “dumb unit” has no clock pulse is what that refers to I suspect?
    I have tried most conceivable combinations of hubs, splitters, (and using 2 QU’s ) on the Ethernet line between the QU and QU and AR2412. I noticed on a hub that I tried, the 2 QU’s are seen by the hub, however one QU would fall off and say “no dSnake” when I tried using them
    I suspect there is a Hub or switch out there that would allow this. (cost is a factor here)
    I would like to see a data schematic flow of how this all works.
    Unfortunately there is only so much time in the day to experiment and carry on working to earn the coin.
    Maybe early days for the QU and future firmware may change something.
    The ME-1 (brilliant device) output from the AR2412 is limited from assignments within the QU

    AN Idea!? maybe a dedicated firmware to turn the QU into a monitor / recording desk to run off the AR2412 monitor port?
    A bit like the old way of running the GL series desks in monitor mode?

    dave NZ

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    Thanks for the info Dave, looks as though you have exhausted all possibilities apart from firmware updates.
    +1 for the dedicated firmware idea to allow the QU-16 to connect to AR2412 monitor port to allow monitoring / recording

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    Pit Lenz

    There is a way that GLD and Q16 could communicate. As a matter of fact they do already!
    dSnake and the Monitor output socket on the AR1412 seem to speak THE SAME LANGUAGE.
    Only the channel addresses are fixed and can not be changed at the moment.

    Try this:
    Connect a Q16 to the Mon out via CAT5.
    Play any signal on the GLD (say, CD on Input 45/56) and route it to Mon 1 and 2 (in ME mode).
    Change all Inputs on the Q to dSnake.
    The signal appears on Stereo Channel 3, which is Input 21/22. Loud and clear.

    This leads to the conclusion:
    The dSnake output routing protocol seems to be: Ch 1-16 to AR2412, Ch 17-20 to a linked AR0804, Ch 21-60 to the Mon output (in ME mode).

    If A&H would unlock and provide digital input patch options (away from dSnake-1 to Input-1 and so on) on a Q console, we could have the FOH/monitor configuration everybody seems to be waiting for.

    (edited for typos…)

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    Ok thanks for that!
    I suspected as much. I do not have a GLD only 5 of these little QU and waiting for a QU24

    So are you saying that you are sending data from within the GLD on xyz channels and you can see that on ST3 on the QU from the output monitor port on the AR2412?
    I don’t have a GLD although who knows whats around that corner?
    I guess I could go and borrow one….


    dave NZ

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    Thanks Guys!

    I do not think it is asking too much. A form of the dSnake protocol already exists for the ME1. The QU just needs to recognise it as an “audio” stream. I am not a software engineer but would assume it cannot be to hard.

    I would love another GLD and another DANTE card and more boxes, ideally I would love an iLive T112 with a idr64 and DANTE card and use my GLD for monitors. But the budget does not stretch that far nor do many of the show budgets.

    I will try the hookup suggested this afternoon.

    To elaborate, I can live with the pre amp gain set from the GLD, in the ME1 that is what happens. I can live with assigning the QU “inputs” from the monitor patch page on the GLD.


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    Hi Guys

    Most of what has been said here regarding dSnake is correct. However, the problem with the setup described for connecting a GLD to a Qu is that the sampling clock of the two units will not be synchronised. If you were to play a high-ish frequency sine wave (say 5 kHz) from the GLD out of the Qu, you should hear a regular ‘click’ sound, which happens when the Qu has either repeated, or missed one audio sample (depending on whether the Qu clock is slightly faster or slightly slower than the GLD clock).

    Sorry this message is not that helpful, but I didn’t want people to get too far with planning systems like this without knowing about the clocking issue.


    – Jeff, A&H

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    So whatever happened to this then? From the A&H QU-16 FAQ pdf.

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    one word… na 2 words!

    Marketing Politics

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    So are the ME1’s clocked from the QU`16?

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    Nicola A&H

    The FAQ you posted was part of a preliminary doc for distributors. None of the public documentation including brochure and User Guides ever mentioned this feature to the best of my knowledge, and the text was updated in subsequent FAQ docs ever since. Apologies if this was misleading. At the time of writing that document the hardware limitations with audio syncing weren’t fully understood, and much has changed since then – the same document said no Windows drivers and no Android apps!

    Yes, ME-1s sync from the incoming stream, be it from a GLD, Qu, iLive ACE or ME-U.

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