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    Hi everyone i have pushed the button for buying a QU 16 but have a question regarding mix out (Monitor)
    If I have acoustic guitar and lets say vocal in my monitor and i what to change the EQ on the vocal only in the monitor is that possible
    kind og a send EQ function im not talt about EQ on the monitor Dont what to change the EQ on the acoustic in monitor Bjsus
    did think i would have this much trouble explaining myself…


    S. Kelly

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    You’d need to double up the channel you want. Use one as your FoH, the other as your monitor.

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    The only way to make an EQ adjustment on the vocal (but not guitar) in the monitor mix is to set the monitor sends as “Post EQ” and then adjust the EQ on the vocal channel. However, not desirable because that same vocal EQ is being sent the L/R Master.

    Sorry, man.

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    Right enough did’nt think it was possible,
    have never really tried a digital mixer that could do that one…😉

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    With a stagebox you can easily double patch – but I have to question why the player needs substantially different eq to hear what they are playing…

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    I guess you could also send your guitar out on a dedicated mix and physically return that send with a cable into a channel that you specifically EQ and then send that channel into your monitor mix. As I say, make sure that the channel you patch back into l is not also in the main LR mix or you will prob get nasty feedback I’d imagine.

    Why do you need a wildly different monitor EQ for your guitar though?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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