MixPad/OneMix apps need to support DLives with older software

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    Most IPads are set to auto update, so they get the new version of MixPad/OneMix automatically. If the console hasn’t been updated to match, the app doesn’t work. The app needs to be able to support DLive consoles with older software. Even supporting one version back would help a lot.

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    It’s about time this was fixed. It’s been talked about so many times. Please, please give it some consideration.

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    Absolutely +1

    We’re now stuck without ipad for five months, as we won’t update our dLive to 1.8 until our next off-the-road production day in September.

    Lesson learned ( set ipad to not update apps), but damage done.

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    +1000. other consoles and their apps are able to do that, its just a matter of a well designed protocol.

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    Yes, that’s a reasonable idea.

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    off course is my Ipad set to auto update and I never update a console during a tour.
    So for the next months I’m stuck with my laptop instead of my Ipad to carry around the stage.

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    So many people I know have gone through a lot of trouble with this.
    The app has to be backwards compatible. Not every console out there will be always updated to the most recent firmware and It’s almost impossible to track the iPads from all musicians and engineers to keep them from updating their dLive apps.


    Big +1 here. We keep firmware/software updates carefully managed, but I’ve been bitten by this one on at least a couple of occasions early on with this desk.

    I feel like One Mix is arguably the weakest part of the dLive ecosystem, for the compatibility-between-firmwares reason, but also because OneMix occasionally blows out all the settings for no reason whatsoever. …also also, two login screens for an end user? …and pan sliders that are really difficult to see when you’re actually touching them? No me gusta.

    …we’ve jumped ship for the new “Control,” app at our primary venue. I have the user logins to burn, and all the layouts get stored on the desk. Customization isn’t as quick or dynamic as it is with OneMix (IE can’t drag and drop faders,) but so far it’s been arguably more stable, and the end user simply needs to open the app.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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