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    Hello Allen & Heath,
    I use a SQ6 with SW 1.5.1.
    In live operation and in the rehearsal room the SQ6 is on stage and I control the console via the SQ MixPad app.
    A separate Nowsonic Stage Roter is used as W-LAN router. We have already used this setup for the Qu 24, which was used until June 2020.
    The SQ MixPad app is version 1.5.0, a higher version is not available on the App Store. The SW version only differs in the last digit, the MixPoad app should be compatible to the SW in the console anyway, right?
    In the last weeks, after updating the console to 1.5.1, the SQ MixPad app has worked perfectly.
    Yesterday, during our rehearsal, we encountered a problem with the SQ MixPad app: although the console can be operated via the MixPad, moving the channels visible on the app no longer works.
    I first restarted the app – no change.
    Then I restarted the console – no change.
    Even in offline mode the visible channels on the MixPad app cannot be moved.
    What should I do?

    Kind regards from Germany

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    KeithJ A&H


    You are correct that the last digit of the release does not matter, this is for minor/maintenance releases which are often different between the apps and console firmware.
    The first two digits do need to match, as these represent major/feature releases – but if the app version is not compatible with the console firmware, you would be notified and be unable to connect.

    When you say ‘moving the channels visible on the app’, is this just the left/right scrolling?
    If so, it may just be that you have ‘Lock Bank Scrolling’ switched on in ‘Setup > MixPad’ (on the app).
    With this switched on it is still possible to touch banks of meters (in the middle bar of the processing screen by default) to choose which channels are in view.

    If it is something else, please contact us using support.allen-heath.com so we can figure out what’s going on.

    There is much more info on use of SQ-MixPad in the Help section, which is available from the main top-left menu or by touching the ‘?’ in the connection/choose-unit screen.


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    Hi Keith,
    you are right, it is the left/right scrolling.
    I checked if Lock Bank Scrolling’ is switched on in ‘Setup > MixPad’ (on the app): no, its off.

    But now i resartet the iPad (not only the App) and the problem is gone.

    If this will appears again, i will restart the iPAD – for me thats a workaround, not the best solution, i think you agree.

    Kind regards from Germany

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