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    We use MixPad for audio mixing to our Livestream. Basically, we designate a “mix” to go to the Livestream so the operator running the iPad controls the stream without effecting the FOH or anything else. Is there a way for MixPad to control a “vocal group”? In other words, the operator has 7 or 8 vocals blended well but just wants to adjust the whole group on one fader like we can do at the main console.

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    If you split those vocals to each feed 2 channels, then you can pull it off. One set would feed FOH, and the other set the stream. Similarly, each would need their independent groups as well.

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    Can you further explain how to split a channel so, that one would be for FOH and another for say like IEMs?

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    Use 2 different channels (eg channel 4, and channel 36) and set both of their input sources as the same physical socket. Channel 4 would work as normal, and would not be assigned to the other mix. Channel 36 would not be assigned to the main FOH mix nor would it be assigned to any groups that ultimately end up there (FOH). Channel 36 would be assigned to it’s own mix, giving you completely separate processing (gate/EQ/comp) for that specific mix.

    Both of those channels have the same source, but each have full control of their own processing in their respective mixes. I hope that explanation makes sense. It’s really easy. Just make sure to completely de-assign your “copied” version of that channel before assigning it to it’s own mixes.

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    And You Could use gain tracking for your “copied” channels so your monitor or broadcast channels are not affected by gain changes (after setting the preamp gains reset the trims for the “copied channels”)

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    Thank you all for the input and feedback.

    At the moment we probably have 18 free channels or so given we are running stereo Keys, Pad, 2 Electric GTRs. So just those alone are taking up 8 inputs right there.

    Unless I’m missing something on running stereo instruments or making them stereo at the board without having to take up 2 input channels?

    What it looks like currently is as follows, though I’m not in front of the board so it’s not completely accurate as we have some additional miscellaneous channels used:

    1 Over Ear Mic
    2 House Mic
    3 House Mic
    4 Leader Mic
    5 Vox 1
    6 Vox 2
    7 Vox 3
    8/9 GTR 1
    10/11 GTR 2
    12/13 Keys
    14/15 Pad
    16 Acoustic GTR 1
    17 Acoustic GTR 2 (not always used)
    18 Bass
    19 Kick Out
    20 Kick In
    21 Snare Top
    22 Snare Bottom
    23 Tom 1
    24 Tom 2
    25 OH L
    26 OH R
    27 Crowd L
    28 Crowd R
    29 Snare Trigger
    30/31 YouTube Media
    32/33 Pro Presenter Media

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    First Check wich channels really need to be split.

    Do we need to split all channels?
    Can we work with the FOH processing in the IEM world?
    If we cannot use the foh channel because we need other processing then we need to split the channel.
    For example:
    splitting vocal channels is a common thing I do to feed monitors from foh.

    With 64 inputs in the board I think you will be able to make this work.

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