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    Hello David,
    great work in that short time, my respect!
    I tried the pro version and it works very fine so far. This quick test shows some issues and I reported that on your website at https://dev-core.org/backend/#/bug-report

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    Hi everyone,
    I thought I post an update about the latest changes of Mixing Station.
    – It is possible to download mixer layouts created by other users. This is especially helpful when you want to get started fast. Only requirement is a mixing station account.
    It is also possible to backup your settings directly to your account.
    In the future this feature will be expanded to cross mixer channel presets as well. This means that you will be able to store a channel preset for any supported mixer, and load it on any other supported mixer (as long as no special plugins are used). This is especially helpful when you work with different mixers and want to access your presets on any of them.
    – Full Mackie Control Midi support (including Metering and LCDs). This means that you can connect any MCU compatible midi controller and use it to control mixing station / your mixer.
    – Fully customizable channel strip. This allows you to reorder and resize the channel strip as you like. If you want you can even get rid of the fader.
    – Layers can automatically scale if you change the channel count. This makes it very easy to change the number of visible channels.

    Coming up in v1.1.0:
    – Load/save all channel and FX presets
    – All free FX types are now accessible from the app.
    – Multi window support for the PC/Mac version.

    A more detailed explanation about the new features can be found here:

    Happy mixing!

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    Ah totally forgot:
    Mixing Station Pc/Osx can act as a protocol converter between OSC/REST and the mixer. This allows other software which only can communicate with OSC to work with any supported mixer.
    An example use case would be theater automation with palladium or QLab. While it’s true that you could just use the TCP Midi driver provided by A&H the API provided by mixing station is cross mixer compatible. This means if you have your QLab show configured with mixing station you can change to any other supported mixer and most of the commands will still work.
    Currently the documentation for this is quite rough so if you are an advanced user and interested check it out here: https://dev-core.org/ms-docs/integrations/apis/
    Don’t worry, I plan to make this documentation easier to understand.

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    Hi David,
    As I already wrote in a german forum it would be nice if you can implement a firmware detection to use the corresponding network protocol. This will help users in situations like the current where there are some serious problems with the current firmware and some users must switch back to a previous firmware.
    Also when a sound engineer wants to use the own tablet with a device (eg. from a event company or the one of the venue) which is not at the same firmware version as the app.

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    Mixing station is a protocol converter between SQ and OSC, great!

    Do you think you can also implement ChannelSelect and MixSelect in the OSC API ?
    Would be great!


Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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