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    Hi Everyone,

    Today i’ve loaded a Scene and was wondering why my mixes got changed.

    The reason: the number of groups and auxes was different between the Scene and the actual mixer Status.
    I think it would be very important to inform the user, that the scene could not be recalled correctly, because the Configuration of the mixer is not identical with the stored data.

    In this case for me it would be VERY IMPROTANT to get informed about this mismatch!
    The user would think, everything is fine… but it isn’t…

    It’s great that the mixer can recall scenes also when the config is different – but the user should be informed.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Maybe it is a good idea when you read carefully the reference manual, especially the very beginning of chapter 11. there you can find which parameters are stored in a scene and which are stored global for the current show.
    There you wouldfind the information that the mix config, as well as the mono/stereo configuration of inputs and busses are global for the show. Is that a good solution for everyone? Probably not, but it is as it is.
    So, every user is informed as long as the user has read the manual. And that is possible for all users.

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    That’s one of the differences between saving a scene and a show.

    Your buss architecture shouldn’t really change during a show. I think those changes break the audio (at least it does on the Avantis) for a few seconds while the console changes it’s internal routing.

    Not to be a jerk, but this is clearly a self inflected situation. You come on the official forum to complain about something that is spelled out in the users guide. If you jump on a console before reading the user guide, then you have no one to blame but yourself when it doesn’t function as you expect or as other consoles you normally use.

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    I think those changes break the audio (at least it does on the Avantis) for a few seconds while the console changes it’s internal routing.

    But,to be honest, for the user there is no difference between changing the audio configuration from scene to scene and have an audible dropout or having at least the same dropout, or a longer one, when you have to load another show. So, i think the idea behind that behavior is not thought to the end, especially for the multible band scenario.

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    Hi Klaus,
    Hi Brian,

    Thank you both for the gentle subliminal note to read the user manual and thanks for the information that you’ll know about my knowledge. 😉

    @brian why should i change mixer config during a show?

    When I need to change a aux to a group or vice versa during a show – then the SQ is the wrong tool for the job.
    When I need to change a stereo input to a mono I can use the width! And that’s the reason why I think also busses (aux grp mtx) should become this width option. (See the feature request)

    But back to Topic, i’d like to give an possible example maybe this can clear up a bit:

    When creating a new show out of different scenes, or when I’m importing a stored scene in my actual show – why should a user know about the mixer config of every scene? I mean it can be helpful to show a popup like “The actual mixer config is different from the one you’d like to load!”.
    Because when there is data (levels, processing, names or anything…) of 12 Aux busses stored in the scene, the mixer will recognize that, and to load this scene 12 Aux busses are needed. But if the actual mixer-config is using some groups, the auxes get truncated.

    So your great information of: “mix config is stored in the show!!!!!!!” is not the whole truth. When the busses are used, then there is Data in the Scene, and the mixer will recognize the gap.

    In my eyes this case should bring up a warning.

    I come to this point, yesterday, when playing around with SQ-Mixpad. Load some scenes of past shows I did – and was wondering why some groups were missing. So yes you are right the fault is sitting in front of the mixer / PC.

    So for the next 8 month I’ll study the manuals of every mixer I’m using and also of the rest to be prepared…

    But to be honest – you think it’s ok to load a scene which is not matching with the actual mixer status without warning?
    OK then everything is fine and you can save your time instead of typing here such gentle posts!

    Have a nice evening…

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    I see what you mean. Probably the reason is that the design of the mixer config and what is stored where was on the very beginning of the development of the SQ. After a while they implemented a new function to save to and load scenes from the USB drive. And there it troubles starts. you can store the scene using one show and load it into another show with a different mixer configuration.
    And you are right, a message which tells the user that the mixer configuration is now different from the show where the scene comes from, would be helpful. But I am afraid that this information is not available int the scene file, but I am not sure of that.

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    Thanks that you’ll partially agree in this case 😉

    As i mentioned above, i think when there is data in a scene, which can’t be recalled, this should cause a warning or at least an “information” Pop up.

    Why should the mixer let the user believe everything is fine?

    Do somebody know how is the behaviour when add on’s can’t be loaded? In the release notes is written that Audio thru this FX slot (insert) is muted. But does the mixer come up with any warning or information?


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