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    Hey friends,I bought this Mix Wizard and had the USB 2.0 card installed. To my surprise even though my computer and DAW had no problem recognizing and installing software and everything looked good to go, I found that it would not playback audio . In fact after configuring the ASIO settings in my DAW by the book I was unable to move the play head or arm tracks to record. I know the sample rate could cause these issues. I was wondering if the fact that the Mix wiz card is only capable of 32. I thought this surely must be OK since Allen and Heath are some smart fellows. Surely there has to be a simple answer..or a difficult one. Either way I’d really appreciate some help/advice.

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    what you mean with “only capable of 32”

    If your DAW (wich) is not playing it could not start the ASIO device.

    Please, more information

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    32 whats? bits channels cps dB what are you talking about?

    is ‘it’ the DAW computer mixwhiz or something else ?
    by the book ? which book ?? what book ??

    move the play head ? what digital uses a play head ?

    what is the question/problem about the AH device ??

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    the fine manual says nothing about 32 bit data nor 32 channels
    so again exactly what is your real problem?

    it does says this about usb data size
    The USB audio option module has selectable sample rates of 44.1kHz / 48kHz / 88.2kHz / 96kHz at

    24 bit resolution.

    it also says about PC width
    Windows XP 32 & 64 bit
    Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit
    Windows 7 32 & 64 bit
    Windows 8 32 & 64 bit

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