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    We did a gig last saturday and I encountered a problem with some of the mix outputs.
    For some reason only input channels 1 and 11 got through to the monitor mix 7-8 and all the other input channels didn’t.
    For example I had my guitar in channel 9 and I just couldn’t get in my monitor. Our bassist had mix output channels 5-6 and he got all the channels in his monitor.

    How do I get all the input channels to go through every mix outputs? I must have blocked the channels somehow – just don’t know where and how.

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    Were you using scenes and changing them during the performance? If so, check the parameters that were changed in the scenes. You can block changes to most parameters in Global Safe or Scene Safe.

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    Which desk?

    Could be the “On” button for all the non wiring channel’s mix sends is currently we to ‘Off”. Probably easier to quickly check this in QU-Pad

    If not, maybe best to save your scene and post it here for somebody to look at.

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    Sorry. The Qu-16. I will definitely check that!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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