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    A friend of mine suggested a small feat:

    He is used to have nobs for the “sends on fader” function for all Aux Ways to set up the monitor mixes. Usally, as we all know, its best to have the monitormix on the headphones, so you hear what you do.

    In Avantis, you can set up the user-keys as mix buttons for specified faders/mix busses. Also you can create user keys to PFL a specified aux … But:
    We don’t have a “PFL Follows MIX” Function, wich enables the PFL to a pressed mix bottung, so we can hear it.
    We do have a “Mix follows PFL” Function – wich works find on the mix button above the fader, but not on the user-key specified to be the mix button on AUX1(2,3,4…). So the MIX doesn’t follow the userkey.

    I think, this would be a real handy feature, cause it spends a lot of Overview, and gives you the possibility to not waste faders on the auxmasters while mixing the monitormixes + hear what you mix.

    Ideas to solve:
    Create an Option, so the PFL can FOllow the MIX. Maybe at the user-button creation.
    Create the userkey Option “MIX & PFL”, wich selects both on one knob
    FIX the “MIX FOLLOWS PFL” Function, for designated PFL user-buttons.

    Any of these ways would solve it, while I would prefer the second option “MIX & PFL” userbutton.

    As I mentioned before: there should be some advancements at the user buttons, cause there are so many Buttons, wich could get really handy, if you would add some nice options to it.

    Thanks for Feedback to this thaughts, also from other users. Maybe there’s an even better Idea then mine.

    Kind regars, Kolja

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    I believe this is already planned and didn’t made it in 1.0

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