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    We installed the Avantis a week ago and since then have had 3 shows. We are using 11 for IEM. The stage box is a 48×16. We are using a combination of the Allen Heath Custom Control and OneMix apps so the performers and control their own ears.

    During each event the band reported that some of the IEM mixes reset levels to a must lower volume. Some just said they cut-out completely. During rehearsal all we fine. The time frame from rehearsal to show is only about an hour and the board remained on and logged in the entire time.

    Has anyone else seen anything similar? The board is firmware v1.03.

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    I’m assuming that you have probably already checked, but is it possible that the mix busses are set to post fader and that the channels are getting turned down on the main mix for some reason?

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    Excellent thought but we are pre-fader. My working assumption is that if the iPad control app or custom control app goes to “sleep” when it wakes up the buses are reset however I’m still investigating.

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    when it wakes up the buses are reset

    normally not

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    I know right?

    I think this week I’ll eliminate the custom control app and try using only the OneMix app for IEM bus mixes. I’ll set the iPads to not sleep or turn off the screen. I’ll also monitor the mix faders to see if they change or is it only an output level issue.

    I need to find something – this is unacceptable. More to come………..

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    Are you using Scene’s?
    Do you have (By accident) set a User scene to be recalled @ boot or login? (Setup>Config>User Profiles).

    Are there any duplicates of one mix being used (More iPads using the same Aux?).

    If it still occurs try to reproduce and send logs + description to support.

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    Are you saying that logging in to control the Avantis via WiFi using MixPad or Custom Control causes a scene load? I can see this when logging into the console surface. It would be catastrophic during a show. My iPad goes to sleep after a few minutes and logs out MixPad. I don’t recall seeing a scene load when I log back in. It would, I think, describe what is happening to the IEM mixes but no other mix, Main LR for example, seem to change.

    I try some experiments this week and see what I can learn.

    Thanks for the comments and questions.

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    Are you sure the musicians are controlling their own mix and not another musician’s mix? This is easy to get wrong, especially when they are getting use to new software.

    How is the Custom Control app set up? Are you using one login for lots of musicians and then they select their own mix? Or is it set up with a unique logon for each musician?

    Have you triple checked the Custom Control layers? It can get really repetitive setting a mix layer up and it is easy to select the wrong output mix to control when you create new faders in the layout design.

    These are just a few things to double check. It is much more likely that it is something like this vs a console issue.

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    We have a combination of iPads using OneMix and Androids using Custom Control.

    Custom control has 2 layouts controling mixes 1-8, and 9-15 (tabbed along the top) with 40 channels and bus master (tabbed along the bottom). Image attached. We have 2 logins band1 (mixes 1-8) assigned layout1, and band2 (mixes 1-15) assigned layout2

    I checked every mix, mix bus master, and all 40 channels for each mix (took a long time). Every musician has their own device (iPads, iPhones, Android phones), either using OneMix or Custom control.

    I think we may be saturating the WiFi. This week we limited the number of devices accessing the console and added a second WiFi access points for the sound monkeys (2 using MixPad). We didn’t have any reports from the band of IEM drop outs and the monkeys were happy.

    Still trying figure out the root cause. The talent has been spoiled over the last few years by mixing their own ears so we reallt don’t want to take that away from them.

    Thanks for the really good questions. More to come when/ if we find out.

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    Users logging in to the console with Custom control or One mix does NOT trigger a scene recall assigned to a specific user.
    Logging in on the console DOES recall an assigned scene.
    If you do not want this simply do NOT assign a scene recall on login (default is NOT set).

    If you have many Custom control and one mix devices (Remember Max 12 OneMix is advised and max 40 TCP/IP connections to the Avantis) it could be you are saturating your WiFi connection. This could result in lag (And musicians moving faders around where they don’t hear any changes) but will be cued and spit out later (TCP/IP).
    Use something like Wireshark to check check you network traffic.

    Remember that if you are using more then 3/4 devices on a standard Acces point (real time data) most non Professional AP’s will have trouble coping.

    Disconnect everything and start a step by step fault finding procedure.
    If all is connected and setup correctly you should not have any issues like you are describing.

    You can always reach out to your supplier or local distributor to help out.

    If you need more then the 40 connections have a look @ the ME system where you can use as many ME devices as you want.
    Each ME can create a separate mix for a musician.

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