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    Yes i know, someone will comment use your ears or this is for rookies but i want to share my workaround for RTA Overlay.

    I use this little irig ipad adapter connected with a trs/XLR adapter-cable from the phones out of the mixer and run a RTA App on my ipad:

    irig adapter

    Now, i’m able to display whats going on on any input/output channel by simply pressing the PAFL button.

    Sometimes, i like to see what i hear

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    I do this! its not a fancy box like that, just a splitter from the combi jack into a headphone and mic socket. Im taking the line from the headphone out on the mixer to the ipad so the RTA follows the PAFL!

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    Hi Richy, Great information mate. What RTA app are you using for the ipad.


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    You could also use a transparent wavetube with plastic granulate inside, measure the distance between the peaks and calculate the frequency using the speed of sound. Just as practical!

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    Alex A&H

    Make sure you take humidity into account!

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    Please pardon my ingnorance, .. I see how PAFL audio is taken from the mixer but how does the audio enter into the ipad?

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    The 4 pole jack plugs into the iPad.

    Do new iPads have jack sockets, or have they gone like on the new iPhones?

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    To expand, PAFL audio doesn’t often get to an iPad via wireless. Much too long latency.

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