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    Just realized that there are no Balance Control on the Stereo Bus Masters. I think they should be added because that is a basic Function.

    I know some People think there is no need for that, but there are definitely situations where it is at least helpful.

    For example, think of a very low budget Setup – let’s say on a school campus – with a “Frontline” consisting of two “big” active 15″/2″ Speakers hanging at the Front traverse. No Controllers or Speaker Management System, no Amp, no way to reach the speaker Controls during the Show.

    Room is often a Problem on such place, so it may easily happen that the Audience is seated in an angle and somewhere slightly off-Axis from Stage (may also happen if there is additional space needed in front of the Audience but not on Stage, for example to place a Jury, a Speaker, some Gifts or whatever else).

    Although Conditions are not ideal, the “Audio Man” will wnt to deliver good Stereo Sound anyway. A Balance Pot on Main Bus would help him to do this without having to adjust up to 48 Balance Pots of several Inputs or waste a Matrix Bus for that.

    Another Usage could be multiple Audio Zones some of which do not allow a symmetric speaker placement – that can happen easily on Sports Events. As well, it would be better to have a Master Balance Knob here instead of having to adjust 48 Channel Balance Sends (and maybe each of them for 13 Stereo Busses)!

    The Balance/Pan rotary Control is already there. So why not simply give it a function when selecting a Stereo Bus Master?

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    Andre S

    Hi Dilettant,

    the Output Balance Controls are on the routing screen of the output busses.

    See Page 40 of the reference guide:

    “Main – (‘Main Snd’)
    • Touch the ‘Output Bal’ value and adjust using the touchscreen rotary to adjust
    the output balance.”


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    Aaaaah great! Thanks for the hint.

    Then of course I take back my suggestion. Maybe it would reduce support Calls to make the GUI more consistent by placing that at the same place as Pan/Bal for input channels.

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