Mirroring master output for 3 sets of speakers – groups or matrix?

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    Hi all,

    I have 3 sets of studio monitors (different sizes for checking the mix) in my studio and I’d love to be able to send the master mix out to each set and control the volume of each set of speakers but not to have a whole new set of fader positions for each channel (eg want to replicate the entire master mix L&R only). I am already using the master outputs and alternate out, so ideally need one more mirror of the master output with its own volume fader).

    I am already using all of the mix outs to send individual channels to external FX processors (wishing I had some more channels for this! – as a side, can either the matrix or groups be used like the mix outs to send specific channels to outboard gear?).

    I’m looking at the matrix and group outputs and I’m a bit confused as to the differences and how to use them? Which of the two best suits my application, and what settings are needed to mirror the master output to them?

    Sorry if this is really obvious but the manual didn’t seem to make things much clearer for me on these outputs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello John
    maybe you could [as I do] send the Left & Right FOH main mix ‘post’ to your matrixs to feed 2 sets of monitors and then the 3rd set of monitors from the ALT out post FOH that would be controlled from the Alt out small rotary pot.?
    You could set up 2 mute soft buttons to mute individually the 2 sets of monitors from matrixs?

    You cant not send any signal direct to matrixs. Only groups etc and mixs proportionally.
    Not on the QU16 though.
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the quick response NZdave,

    How would I go about sending the master mix to the matrix outs? Sorry I’ve never used the matrix or group outs.



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    you need to go to the matrix TAB page
    You can get to that easily in the second layer where the groups mix sends FX sends returns DCAs….
    Its all labeled on your desk


    Search for it in the online manual.

    Also you will need to go to the PAFL TAB page under the “set up” button by the right hand lower corner of your desk.
    You will need to set this up.

    Have a good look and if you get stuck you can always come back here to get help.

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    Mike C

    Use the matrix outs as NZ suggested.

    What model Qu do you have?

    What firmware version are you running?
    You can switch the groups to mixes and gain some mixes.

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    Thanks Mike.

    I have a QU-24 (and absolutely love it).

    I’ll have to go and check the firmware version but I believe it is the latest one.

    I had no idea that you could turn the groups into mix outputs, that’s very cool. How is that done? That will be incredibly useful.

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    I don’t have a desk in front of me, but on an iPad:

    Select a group (found in the Mix tab)
    Select top left tab (Grp1-2 or Grp3-4) if not already selected.
    Press the arrow on the right to slide to the next page.
    Change the Group Mode setting to Mix – and confirm.


    From memory, the procedure on the desk is much the same.

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