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    Hi everyone,
    Is there a possibility to get the midi control out of the SQ without a PC/Mac?

    The midi is only via the USB Port usable – or? And therefore the midi driver is needed.

    Is there a driver for Raspi or something similar – I won’t use a Laptop.
    But I need the midi out to control something else.

    Thanks for your help,

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    KeithJ A&H


    The USB interface of the SQ is class compliant, so although we don’t test or support use with Linux (as used on the Raspberry Pi) – there are a few people using the SQ with it already.
    No drivers required.

    A Bomebox may be your best option though – https://www.bome.com/products/bomebox – This has A&H support built into the firmware which auto-connects to the SQ when it’s on the same network (or directly via it’s network port). It can then be setup to send and receive MIDI directly between the SQ and either USB MIDI devices or the on-board 5-pin DIN sockets.

    Hope this helps – would be interested to know what you’re planning!


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    Hi Keith,
    Thank you for the fast and compete answer!
    The idea is to use the faders (Midi) and convert it to DMX.

    I’m doing many small shows with only white light – so 2-3 Faders are enough.
    So to have the faders on the same desk would be really fine!

    Any ideas of somebody else how to set this up?
    In the normal case I won’t use Laptop.

    Maybe I’ll try it with the Raspi…

    Thanks again!


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    Interesting idea, and nothing wrong with a project 🙂

    But if you only want simple manual level control, there’s a lot of, small DMX controllers available.

    If your lights are single channel, you could get a basic 6+1 fader controller for about £30, while if they’re multi channel you should still find something in the £50 – £60 range.

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    Yeah you’re absolutly right – a little Faderwing isn’t that expansive…
    But to find a small programmable! Faderwing – so that i can Control e.g. 12 Channels with one Fader (Because i have a 12 Ch Dimmer e.g.) is not so easy.

    And it would be the finest thing to have the Fader one the same desk – at the surface whereever i want it to be 😉


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