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    Hi everyone ๐Ÿ˜€ since i bought my Sq7 last week I am still setting up things for Studio use. So far most Problems i had could be solved.. My newest now is the Midi setup for the Faders. in My Daw (cubase 9.5) its a pure mess… I have the latest Daw Control on my Mac Pro.. In Cubase all 4 times i have set a Mackie Control with each the Daw Control ports 1-4 .. So far so good… The Faders react on Sq7 and revers in the DAW.. but not those where i expect.. OK I then assigned the Midi 1-32 Strips inside the Sq7 diffrent so that the desired fader moves in the DAW example: IP01 is not Midi1 but Midi25 and soon… Ok i thought its like that and could live with it. When i had then almost all Strip given its diffrent non logic Midi number and almost all of the 32 Faders were reacting… I saw that not all Fader can be assigned for what ever reason and some Midi channels are simply not working to assign to.. The next day when I loaded cubase again then even the Channels that i had to set where not controlling the right faders anymore… i was tweaking the right Midi strips again and after a restart they were again diffrent …. Ok i was reading that on each new session after a restart the Mackie Controls have to get connected again manually … thats then ok but i can’t imagine that also the Midi Channels are changed again as well and those have to get reassigned again as well with diffrent channels… What am i doing wrong here? Does anyone experience the same problem ?

    Also the possibility to rename an assigned Midi Channel is impossible… wich is sad because now i end up to glue a tape over the console to write the (if then working) channel on it… I wanted to buy at first a QU series console but because of the possibility to give a channel a name on those small LED screens was the reason why i bought an SQ7 and again the reason why i changed from a presonus console to this SQ7 beauty was the DAW control Possibility wich seems now a little be messed up …. But as i saw that others here in the forum are using it as DAW control as well gives me hope that I am the one who is doing mistakes only and be teached on how to do it right…. Thank you for all help ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I have the basic problems and more, I have the QU-24 and Cubase 10 operating on Windows 10 and your right, itโ€™s a Mess. And is Allen and Heath doing anything about it I doubt it, i canโ€™t get them to respond. Cubase said that if A&H would call they would give them a copy of the new Cubase 10

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