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    I have a case where ideally I would need to run a&h midi control app next to the rtpMIDI software on the same windows 10 computer.
    I have had big troubles getting this to work in a reliable manner.

    Is a&h MIDI control based on rtpMIDI by Tobias Erichsen?

    When both is running side by side I get MIDI inputs available with expected names, 1 input available named according to rtpMIDI session and 1 input named MIDI control 1.
    The issue is with the MIDI outputs, as both drivers seem to name their outputs as “MIDI”. My DAW will then show outputs as MIDI, MIDI-2, MIDI-3 etc.
    After reboots there’s no consistency in which driver gets what number/name.
    I have tried to change the “friendly name” for one of the drivers in registry editor, but the naming will not persist after a reboot.

    If I start only rtpMIDI, change it’s friendly name in reg-edit and then shut it down, MIDI control will “take” rtpMIDIs friendly name on startup, and in device manager it seems like the computer think they are the same device.

    Is there no way for them to reliably work side-by-side?
    Can rtpMIDI communicate directly with the dLive, replacing the need for the MIDI control app in my setup?

    Doing the same thing on a Mac system using built-in network MIDI and MIDI control app side-by-side seem to be no problem.

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