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    My QU16 is operated as part of a fairly complex setup with lots of midi stuff going on. I control it via a Kenyon USB host and the signals are sent from an Akai MPC Live to do things like mute tracks, set tempo for delays etc etc etc. This all works excellently.

    I have it set to Channel 16 which means the DAW control is on channel one. When I first set it up I inadvertently also had a Moog synth on channel one which was receiving midi info from the MPC. This seemed to do some strange things to the QU16 like dropping faders, adjusting EQ etc. I moved the Moog to another midi channel and the problem pretty much went away.

    However, I am still getting the odd thing happening…currently using Midiox to monitor what I am sending and trying to catch anything else going through on the DAW control channel that shouldn’t be there. I noticed my drum machine sends stuff on channel 1 when you press start and stop. I can’t see this lowering fader levels or adjusting EQ though right?

    Thinking about putting some kind of filter to block anything just before the QU16 just to be sure!!

    Any thoughts?

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Brazilla,

    This sounds like a really interesting setup and I’d love to see photos of it if you have any?

    The start and stop controls on the drum machine will only affect settings on the Qu if they send a compatible message. Could you send a screen shot of the messages the drum machine send out?

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    Just curious how do you “set tempo for delay” via midi.
    I use a Bome Box and control the faders and other stuff. I was trying to control delay time but with no success.
    Any help here?

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