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    Proud new user of an Avantis. We bought it to primarily be used for theatrical application. We moved from an X32 and I was sold on it with the extensive show/scene control vs the X32.


    I’m having a really hard time with the MIDI implementation. Specifically, with being able to control the scenes on the console via QLAB. On the old X32 setup, I was able to just fire a MIDI command from the QLAB Computer (via midi interface) into the MIDI In port on the X32 and it would advance the next scene. Doesn’t seem like there is an easy way to do this on the Avantis.

    I have read through the TCP/IP Protocol guide and realize that there is technically a way to fire off individual scenes via HEX midi — which I don’t quite understand — but what I do know is this would get amazingly complex in a large show having to manipulate QLAB with a specific (hex) MIDI command for specific scenes.

    I really, really need to be able to use the Avantis Cue List and have QLAB just fire down the list that I have on the console without having to tell the console which scene to go to directly. Is there a Go Button accessible remotely and/or scene controls similar to the soft key setup window available?

    Anyone else using QLAB and can give some insight/tips/help on the setup you are using?!?


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