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    Hi there…. just 2 days with my new A&H QU 16 and a lot of questions… 🙂

    Because I am a absolut beginner in mixing and digital mixers I would like to use for the beginnin some channel presets oder process libraries for my basic settings… to start with EQ, compressor and perhaps gate settings as well as reverb!

    For my Shure SM58 I did find presets, but not for my Electro voice BK1 cardioid condensator micro. Somebody said, it is similar to the Shure SM86, but also for this micro I did not find presets. Does anybody have an idea, which existing presets I could use as a basic for the BK1 micro? Specifications: Electret condensor, 50-18.000 Hz, Cardioid Polar Pattern…

    And does anybody has presets for other instruments, especially Nordstage 2 EX (the grandpiano sounds) or should I leave this neutral in the mixer and take the settings in the keyboard?

    Thanks for help and I think, I will stay in this forum some more times in the next months, until I understand this gigantic mixer…

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    Just try the supplied presets until you find one that gets you closest to what you want hear and tweak from there.

    Maybe someone can even send you a library file for that mic…

    For the Nord it’s important to have some consistancy across it’s presets so you don’t end up tweaking the mixer every time the keyboardist switches to another patch
    Fwiw: I usually highpass keyboards around 40 Hz (in case a virtual Hammond is used), take out some lows around 200 Hz and boost highs a bit.

    Good luck and have fun !


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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