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    I’m the worship pastor and also lead sound tech at our church.

    I’ve been using the A&H GLD80 and AR2412 stage box for 8 1/2 years.

    We’ve been in and out of buildings in the past 8 1/2 years, but are now in our permanent home.

    Here is my issues that have come up in our new building.

    In the middle of worship our vocalists mics will cut out for a second and then come back.
    Like right in the middle of singing.
    No compression, no gates, on channel or the mains.

    Here’s the kicker. It only cuts out in the mains not the monitors and the levels don’t change on the board. So you can’t physically see the cutout, but hear it.

    It’s the weirdest thing I’ve experienced and cannot find anything to fix it.

    I’ve changed mics and cables thinking that was the issue as well.


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    Mike C

    Do the rest of the inputs still continue to come through the main PA system?

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    It sounds like a clocking issue but I’m not sure what would have changed in your setup. You say it’s only on the main outputs. If that’s true then it would seemingly rule out connectivity issues between the board and the AR2412. Is the 2412 used for both inputs and outputs (to main LR)?

    Check the user manual https://www.allen-heath.com/content/uploads/2023/06/GLD-Touch-Screen-Reference-V1.5_1.pdf

    On page 48 it shows you how to set the audio clock source. This should be internal unless you’re doing something extra special.

    Page 60 shows the diagnostics menu; are you seeing anything in the log?

    Page 4 discusses the Home Screen and where you can see the “system status”. Are you seeing errors here pertaining to the audio rack(s)?

    Of course, it could be your main amps going into some sort of protective mute due to a cabling or overheat issue or faulty amps.

    How repeatable is it? can you run a powered wedge off a port in the AR2412 and assign a copy of your MainLR mix to it (or matrix) to see if it mutes at the same time that the mains do?

    This is likely going to take some pragmatic troubleshooting.

    Oh, and to Mike C’s point, I guess I originally read this as being that all the inputs mute to the mains but you just mention some vocal mics. If it’s truly just a couple of vocal mics that can you determine anything common about them? Are they in group? DCA? Can you take them out for a bit? Were you doing anything with inserts on these channels? Can you bypass the inserts for a bit?

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    Latin Concept

    Hi there. It happened to me too but way too long with the whole music band. It was a mess. How repeatable is it in your case?

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    Have you changed the physical input and the actual channel you are using in the console for the vocal? I would try changing those items as well to see if there is a correlation. It’s probably not the physical input (because I would think that would also effect monitors), but it’s certainly something that is easy enough to check.

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