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    I’m trying to understand why I sometimes find the Qu so unintuitive. I don’t mean the usage of the actual mixing functions but the menus in the software are somehow not so MECE and difficult to recall.

    Examples are:
    1. Where do I load a channel’s library? In the gate! Or also in the PEQ?! Or in the compressor? Where is the difference between these three places? Which one is the right one? Why it’s not in the initial channel processing screen, where I would look for it in the first place?

    2. Where do I set the input routing for a channel from local to USB? Hmm, not in the routing…

    3. How can I save a scene or a library to USB? Not by using the Scenes button, or by going to the Libraries… That can be done in Setup (?). Where there? “USB Data”? Hmm, not sure. Ahh, yes there. Why isn’t it named more intuitively like “USB <- ->” (two arrows above each other). That way I wouldn’t think “Setup USB Data”. I don’t want to setup USB data but to transfer data to/from USB. That would be implied by the arrows

    4. Where do I set a user’s password? Unfortunately not in Setup. In Home?

    5. Where do I set the name of a DCA? Routing… Hmm. Only channel assignment under “Mute/DCA Group Assign”. Hmmm. Down there it says “Mute/DCA” again. No, it won’t be there since I’m already in the “Mute/DCA” screen. But yes, almost same name, different function. Press the Fn-key. Am I still doing something to the channel? Ahhh those are global settings? Why doesn’t it say “Global” somewhere? Why do I have to press the Fn-Key to go to a global settings page? Where am I now? –> It would be better to be able to access global routing settings by pressing the “Routing” button a second time (as a suggestion) and then having different screen colors from the green you associate with a “Select” button.

    6. Where do I change Global Direct out settings? Hmm… in the channel’s routing?! Why? Ahh… there is no Global Routing page. Would again be nice to be able to access those global routing settings f.e. by pressing the Routing button a second time and having different screen colors.

    7. Where do I start a recording or playback? Hmm. Must be Home, nothing else fits. “Qu-Drive”? I just saw that somewhere else… Ahh, it’s also in Setup -> Utility. What’s the difference? Why aren’t they called by what they are, like “Play/Rec” in Home and “Format USB” in Setup-Utility?

    8. Where do I change the Alt-Out routing? Hmm… Not by using the Routing button… Why not? Because the green buttons are only for being used when a green Select button is pressed? So Processing and Routing can’t be global? Then all global routing settings should be together somewhere else.

    9. Where do I get an overview of the current settings? Home, of course. Or not. A list with channel names? A Routing overview? Then it would be clear why it’s called “Home” since I would start there more often. Maybe the global routing setup should be there? The green Routing button for what is selectable with the Select buttons, and global routing settings in Home -> Routing? Everything concerning hardware connections to Setup?

    10. Where do I protect a whole mix from being overwritten by a scene change? In Scenes -> Safes, yes. But what does “Mix” mean? Are those only the masters or also the corresponding channel sends? If only the mix masters, why isn’t the tab named “Mix Masters”. There would be enough real estate there for a longer name. Or a note in the screen? Hmm… wait. Why is it called “Mix” (singular) but the other tab is named “Inputs”? Mistake or for a reason? I have the manual stored in the tablet, lets look for it…

    11. What do the colors in “Global Filters” mean? Ahh… channels, mixes and LR (?). Why are they only in the processing line?

    12. Why are the LR-faders of the channels called just “the channel faders”. They are the same faders that are being used as mix sends as well as LR faders. But sometimes it’s not clear what is meant. For example in the “Global Filters” screen where it just says “Faders/Pan” under “Inputs/FX”. “LR-Faders/Pan” would be clearer.

    13. How do I find out if a mix is sending something to an FX? Let’s look at its Routing… Not there. Go to FX and look at each tab. Same when on an FX return. Nothing in its Routing page.

    Maybe some of this is not just me.

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    I’ll second that operation could be even more intuitive with several screen simply relocated (or multiple accessible). At least global stuff should not be redundantly “hidden” in channel strips.

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    You know this board is Brittish right?

    Just couldn’t resist…being from the old colonies ya know!

    But, yes it’s would be nice to add the ability to get into these from both or even multiple location where is seems logical…

    And is home really home…not really IMHO…


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    It’s not just you- I’ll add in the utterly counterintuitive scene recall/store functionality, with excellent capability to overwrite the wrong scene. Workflow interrupted, because you have to remind yourself that the console is one step ahead of your current activity. Easily remedied, would suppose?

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    All these irritations are a shame, the desk is very straightforward to do the actual mixing on, and it sounds nice, too. Fallen in love with the EMT- emulation. 480 not half-bad either.

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    It seems nobody from A&H even took the time to read this post.
    As of firmware 1.7 nothing changed. NOTHING. Not even typos were corrected.

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    It’s likely that it was read – but a major UI rewrite, or features.
    Or both, but wait until next year?

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    What typos, just curious?!

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    anonymous = deleted account = thrown toys out of pram, and probably won’t be back…

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