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    I’m currently using an ilive t112 and idr48. And a QU-16. We are looking into the me1 it possible to use a standard Cisco Poe switch 300 series instead of the mu-1. We currently tour with an 18 piece band and are using a mymix system, but it will not work with the QU-16. I was thinking of keeping the current POE switch.
    Or, can I use one mu1 and my current switch to power the 18 me-1?

    Any help appreciated

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    Nicola A&H
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    Thanks for posting that. I was looking for an answer to the same question.

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    I’m using the following switch without any problem:

    It is limited regarding features (unmanaged, Layer 2 only) but therefor in my opinion better for an ME-1 system (less features cause less problems).

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    Pit Lenz

    Thanks a lot for your report, Zueri,
    I followed your suggestion and used this router successfully since.
    Mine is sitting in a 1-RU tray with an Ethercon faceplate.
    Works great so far….

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    BV-Tech. POE-SW801. 8 port Poe switch. $80.00 on Amazon. It works great.

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    Hi take note,

    I buy this switch for my me 1, and i have clicking problem when i use.

    Do you have a same problem ?


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    What is your situation when you have a QU32 with Dsnake to a AR-084 and you want to add ME-1’s. With or without an ME-U. No clear path there? Can a switch solve that?

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    Nicola A&H

    A switch wouldn’t work. You can only connect ME-1/ME-U to the AR2412, AB168, or direct into the mixer. The AR84 is limiting your options I’m afraid.

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    For the info, i’am using for more than a year the zyxel ES1100-8P switch, on the front there is a switch to disable the green modus, i use it with three me-1’s without problems in the audio.


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    I’m using an AR84 but want to add me-1s too
    2 questions – 1)can I run cat5 from the board to a PoE switch (like then into the AR84?
    2) if i use the PoE switch, can I also daisy chain me-1s together?

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    I’ll answer your 2nd question 1st, you can daisy chain ME-1’s, but only the 1st one will self power from the POE switch port. All downstream ME’s will require a external power pack for the power source.

    I’m not 100% certain on the 1st question, but I would venture to bet that you cannot have a switch in between between a board and rack, or between a base rack and expansion rack. They weren’t designed for that.

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