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    Jason DeChristopher

    We have been using the ME1(8) mixers with ME-u Hub. All eight ME-1 units return stereo audio back to our In-Ear Transmitter rack that is located on the side of the stage. Everyone loves the quality of the sound and how easy it is to mix.
    We Receive the audio into the ME-1 system over Dante because we have two other sound boards that receive and transmit the 64 channels in other locations.

    Is there any thought or is there any capability to be able to route each individual stereo output of each ME-1 mixer connected back into the dante card over the Cat5 instead of the analog outputs on the mixers? My goal would be to route the outputs of each ME-1 mixers Back to a second IDR-48 that would be used to mix the audio specifically for the In-Ears as well as use the outputs of the the second mix rack for the In Ear transmitters.

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    Yes yes yes please. Even if its not Dante, some digital loopback would be amazing.

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