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    Jason DeChristopher

    We have been using the ME1(8) mixers with ME-u Hub. All eight ME-1 units return stereo audio back to our In-Ear Transmitter rack that is located on the side of the stage. Everyone loves the quality of the sound and how easy it is to mix.
    We Receive the audio into the ME-1 system over Dante because we have two other sound boards that receive and transmit the 64 channels in other locations.

    Is there any thought or is there any capability to be able to route each individual stereo output of each ME-1 mixer connected back into the dante card over the Cat5 instead of the analog outputs on the mixers? My goal would be to route the outputs of each ME-1 mixers Back to a second IDR-48 that would be used to mix the audio specifically for the In-Ears as well as use the outputs of the the second mix rack for the In Ear transmitters.

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    Yes yes yes please. Even if its not Dante, some digital loopback would be amazing.

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    I think the answer to this is probably no; my understanding of the communication protocols is that the ME-U hub is the thing that supports Dante (and several other protocols) and then converts it to the dSnake protocol that is expected by the ME-1 units (also support AVB I think). That protocol going to the ME-1’s is unidirectional, and they don’t send anything back to the ME-U hub (the output ethernet port on ME-1s probably just forwards the exact same packet to the next device daisy chained to it).

    Now, maybe a firmware update could make it send packets back to make it behave like an AR2412 stage box, but that would be a compromise if the ME-1 hardware is even up to the task of sending packets that quickly; the return signal could be at the expense of inputs that could be coming from an AR2412 that is hooked up to the system (stage boxes would also need a firmware update to handle incoming packets over their monitor port). For the ME-U hub, a firmware update to merge up to 8 (?) incoming packets together into one, and convert it back into Dante for a return stream — I’m guessing that is where the hardware is not up to the task; sending a duplicate signal to 8 things is easy, processing incoming data from 8 devices is much harder, and I imagine would require revising the hardware.

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    Bill in TN

    I just posted this request in my first post after setting up our new dLive this past week and this would be a great feature.

    I should have known others have thought of it.

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    I’d support some form of analog (headphone out) to digital conversion back over the Cat 5 connection. When the ME-a hardware is updated, could a this addition be considered. Makes setup a lot easier if was simply enough to get a specific stereo channel back, Develop a box which hijacks a specific channel/s of the dSnake or DANTE is possible?

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