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    The approach I would take is to change 1 tiny thing at a time and do a compare of the binary files. Probably start with one of my channel labels that doesn’t show up in ASCII. But who has time for that?

    I doubt it has an msp430 in it. There is too much audio processing going on. It is likely an Arm core with a bunch of external DRam.

    Too bad Allen& Heath won’t respond to this.

    Send me an executable of your GUI. I’d love to see which parameters you are trying to store. If it is just labels, it may not be too hard to decipher.

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    I have also been working with ME-1 for several months now and would like to have an editor for the preparation.

    An editor would be really great, with whom you can also intervene online in configurations. Sometimes it is necessary to change something quickly, e. g. when a guest musician is added and this channel is not used in the ME-1. You have to run to the stage and adjust the ME-1 quickly.

    so: +1 also from me

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    +1 for an ME-1 offline editor.



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    File format looks simple enough. Given that I have a day job that takes most of my time, could probably work it out given a week or two with an ME-1. However, I don’t have access to any places with a ME-1 or a reason to drop $650 and buy one — not much use for it other than making an editor, so I can’t justify the cost. If anyone is in the area roughly around the Bay Area that is willing to loan one, or is feeling generous and has one lying around that they don’t need (psst A&H?), feel free to send me a message.

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    @ryan I work in Sunnyvale. Where are you? My church owns the ME-1 system, so not sure if I could loan one out, but could make some changes and dump the config files. How do you propose to monitor the protocol? Over the RJ45 connection? It is not actually Ethernet, right? Not something you can just plug into a computer. The USB port is a host port intended only for a memory device. I have a config file, but can’t decipher it yet. It appears to be in binary, i.e. very few recognizable ASCII characters when I look at it in a text editor. But some (only some) of my channel names are there. Know a god hex editor on a mac? I could email you some files.

    @ Tyler Martin – hey thanks for the GUI code. Unfortunately, I’m Java illiterate. If we can figure out the config file, maybe I’ll try to crack Java next. I’m more of a VB guy.


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    @ryan Found a hex editor with a 30 day trial, Synanalyze It. The file is 82KB, but only about half of it has real data with my current config. It looks like about 100 bytes per channel. The weird thing is some of the channel names are corrupted, i.e. missing characters. Drums and Click come through OK, bit Keys is corrupted and tr I don’t recall. Will dig further with some known channel settings.

    Drums €%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%ó±(Click (€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%tr €%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%€%ًeys

    Tyler, you could try this too. Assuming you have an ME-1.

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    @glennmsmith58 Right close by, Mountain View; I go on the 237-101 junction most days. I think an offline editor for the config files makes the most sense; for what it is worth, the RJ45 connection uses Ethernet frames with broadcast packets, but the only thing I could see to do there is slipping in a packet with channel names and stereo link information so that the ME-1 units auto-name the channels, but then the computer sending that information would be competing with names and stereo link information sent by the mixer.

    The only thing I’ve seen with the binary file is the default config; most of which looks like the 16 stored presets, the current settings, and a section with preset names (18 “sections”, each taking up 4K bytes). The repetition for each channel/group looks like default values for trim (2 bytes), something/mute(?) (1 byte), and pan (1 byte); aside from the repetition, each channel has a few bytes for the name and maybe 7 additional bytes of information (3 of which might be an overall trim/pan). I think there are about 50 bytes of extra information in each preset that come before/after the channel/group information — no idea what they are without trying different things on an ME-1.

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    +1, a “virtual” ME software that could be setup alongside one of the desk control softwares like dlive director would be very handy! a total standalone editor may be a problem as it will have no visibility of what each channel is coming in as. could cause conflicts where the ME is taking the channel names directly from the desk.

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    I might be misunderstanding how the auto naming from the mixer works, but I thought if someone set custom names for those that they would get stored at least in the config file — but it looks like they aren’t.

    I’m thinking that there will need to be an input channel naming feature for setting those names in the offline editor, probably with the option of importing names from a scene file saved from a console. Pulling the info directly from the existing editors would be hard to do in a portable way that works on all platforms (story changes if the editors were open source); taking advantage of being on the same network as a mixer and using a spare iPad app connection to pull channel names would be kinda tricky but easier than integration with the A&H editors.

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    Matt Salavitch

    +1 for an offline editor please!

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    +1 for the offline editor…

    I’ve been very disappointed in A&H since after the GLD.

    No feature requests are implemented, not really any improvements, and it seems like the more money you spend, the worse the GUI graphics get.
    D-Live looks like it was made in MS paint…

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