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    One of our worship leaders ME1 presets keeps getting messed up on power up of the unit. Used the unit fine last night for rehearsal, and today during sound check, his settings were messed up and lost most of his patches. This is not consistent but has happened at least 3 other times. The other guys have not complained. could a preset get corrupt somehow? I have that device backed up to a key, should I factory reset it and reload the device config?


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    We are running a GLD112 with our ME-1’s and seeing a similar situation. In our case volume levels are messed up. Here’s the events.

    1) At the board, tech recalls ‘template-show’. Copies and pastes a ‘template’ scene and saves a new show.
    2) Band member restores presets.
    3) Rehearsal
    4) Tech saves scene and stores ‘new-show’
    5) Band member saves presets
    6) Shut down board.

    7) later that week, Tech restores ‘template-show’ ME’s were not even used during this event, but still plugged in.
    8) On Sunday, tech restores ‘new-show’ and scene (step 4 above)

    Volumes are messed up. From what I am told, the volumes are much lower. (I’m the tech, not a band member)

    We are on the latest firmware version. This happened on previous firmware versions and versions 1.4-1.5 of GLD.

    Volumes are messed up.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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