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    A few questions if any one knows the technical answers, greatly appreciated:
    1. How far (distance) will or can an AR2412 (successfully) drive from it’s monitor-port (cat 5) out into an ME1. In another way to phrase that: Will an AR2412 drive a cat 5 or 6 50 metres into an ME1?
    2. Would an ME1 be able to drive from its ‘link out’ 50 metres back to a FOH position or to another ME1?
    3. Is the ‘line-out’ (analogue audio) on an ME1 capable of driving a balanced signal 50 metres?

    Apologies for double posting
    The questions asked did not fit the other posting title.

    Thank you
    looking forward to any comments.

    dave NZ

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    Leon BigEars A&H

    Hi Dave
    to answer your questions:
    1) – 100m is probably a practical length limit and most PA companies have access to that. cat5,6 50m no problems
    2) – again 50m is no problem, 100m a relistic upper limit.
    3) – The MONO TRS jack output on ME-1 will drive a balanced line. 50m using touring grade balanced mic cable should be fine. NB the mono out does not have the local ambient mic signal content.

    hope that helps

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    Thankyou Leon. I thought as much! just trying to shortcut own R&D
    Its great to wake up (different time zone) and find answers to my late night ramblings :+)
    You have brought bells to me ears!
    It must be Christmas.

    So this of course means I should be able to successfully run an or Multiples’ of ME1s as far away from ASR2412.
    It opens the door to some creative thinking on how to get a couple of more sends and feeds to external audio devices if required.
    Time for some practical experimentation.
    I love my QU32. Its been a long journey from the days of building frames and joining analogue mixers together!
    There just aren’t the blacksmiths on the corners any more.

    Keep you posted!
    dave NZ

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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