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    Hello all. I’ve had a QU-16, AR-2412 and (3)ME1 PMs setup for over a year now and played the weekend for the first time live with no problems. The gear was set up at home on Sunday and all audio is working properly. However, I noticed that I’m getting no link activity on the monitor port of the AR-2412. D-Snake LED is flashing yellow and ready LE is solid yellow as usual. The monitor LED is unlit. I’ve tried re-booting the AR-2412, changing CAT5e cables and sequencing individual ME1 units with no success. Like I said, the monitors are all working but I’m concerned about some sort of imminent failure at the worse possible time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Hi Penman53

    I’m assuming you’re using a GLD. If you go to the IO page ‘Monitor’ tab, you can set the port to ‘Aviom Mode’ or ‘ME-1 Mode’. In Aviom mode, the Monitors port Link/Error LED will not light up, you will only have 16 channels of audio to the ME-1, and you won’t get any channel names coming through to the ME-1. In ME-1 mode, you get the full 40 channels, as well as channel names. I think this is the most likely reason for the LED not coming on.

    – Jeff, A&H

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    Thanks for the reply Jeff. I’m actually using a QU-16 and don’t remember seeing the choice for Aviom mode in the setup. Later today I’ll check or maybe call my brother. He’s the guy behind the board and would know right away. I’ll let you know and once again, thanks for the help.

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    pretty sure the Avioms are not compatible with the qu series mixers

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