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    Hi guys,

    First of all, thanks A&H for making the best system ever at any price point. Love it!

    Here’re a couple of issues i have:
    I have an iLive T112/idr48 and added ME-U+10 ME-1s Link is thru MixRack Dante secondary switched port to ME-U Dante primary port.
    When I link AHNet to ME-U control port, the system gets laggy (slow) and eventually (random amount of time) the MixRack stops communicating with everything but keeps passing audio.
    The problem goes away when either disconnect the cable link between the two devices, or deactivate the ME-U iLive Source feature, which closes the control socket and obviously stops getting names and stereo info from iLive (undesirable)
    The other thing I noticed is that stereo channels become mono within ME-1 Groups. When stereo channels are on dedicated buttons, they’re fine.
    My network setup is:
    ACE MixRack Surface TScreen
    AH Net ports Mac computer running editor and ME-U html on port en0 ME-U WL Router with DHCP for iPad
    All devices set to DHCP
    Getting addresses in the 169.254.n.n range with a sub mask.

    Hope someone can help.
    Happy holidays!

    Andres Rossi
    Audio Engineer
    Emmanuel Christian Center
    Minneapolis USA

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    Hi Andres

    Sorry that you’ve had this problem. Are you connecting the iLive network into the Dante control port, and connecting the ME-U network port in a similar way at the ME-U end? If so, I think it would be worth trying to run a separate cable for control, isolating the ‘network’ from ‘Dante’.
    Secondly, have you got the latest Dante firmware, V3.6.4? In the previous version, the Dante control port could put a lot of audio traffic onto the iLive network, which could slow the system down significantly.
    Lastly, are you running the latest ME-U firmware, V1.01? I can’t think off the top of my head of any changes that would directly relate to your issue, but I think it’s worth making sure you’re up to date.

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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