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    Is there a future input module in the works? Lots of opportunities for selling systems to analog users who don’t have PM systems. I know it will work on Aviom AN-16 minus POE, but seems logical to have an input module from same manufacturer to offer. Would also be a great studio PM system. I own a studio in Nashville and we have the large Furman system. Input module has 4 stereo and 8 mono. Downside is large cabling and they have discontinued it do to is old technology. Having an input module with at least 16 or more inputs, stereo and mono would be a great tool…

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    Hi GCumbee

    We did look at doing an Analogue input unit, but the feedback we got was that this would be a niche product. With most potential users moving to, or already using, digital mixers, the number of people interested in analogue input would steadily decrease. We also looked at doing an Analogue-input ‘Option Card’, but mechanically this would only be able to support 8 balanced inputs, which we didn’t think would really be enough.
    Of course we would look at this again if there were a lot of requests, but so far this has not been the case. In the mean time, as you say, you can use an Aviom input unit (either by itself, or into an ME-U for PoE), or if you need more channels, some MADI or Dante preamps could interface to the system via a suitable option card in the ME-U.


    – Jeff, A&H

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    Thanks Jeff: Just thought I would give it a shot since I had some customers to ask about it. There are still a lot of analog desks out there and will be for awhile. I think it could be a big seller to cut into the competition market…

    George Cumbee
    Mid-American Communications, Paducah, KY USA
    A&H Dealer..

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