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    I’ve been running with 2 SQs and an ME system for about a year now. An SQ7 @ Foh connected to our broadcast SQ5 via Slink i/o card on the FOH Desk. Our ME system is run of the Slink Out, I’d like to add 2 DX168’s to this run. Manual’s that I’ve seen have only shown 2 i/o’s downstream of an Slink Connect. Is it possible to do this?

    The intention is to remove analog i/o cable and go DX and then patch that through to broadcast, while also keeping the ME System. I’d guess the alternative is to add a DX Hub, but that would be another piece of equipment.


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    The dx168 is 96KHZ only, the me system is 48KHZ only.

    You cant connect a me after a dx168.

    THe only option is not to buy 2 dx168 but 1 gx4816, this unit has 2 dx port’s but the second dx port is also me port.

    See :

    DX hub is also 96KHZ only.


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    Another SLink card in the other SQ should allow the ME to be plugged in there.

    AB or AR boxes would also allow the ME to be used.

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