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    I know there is an article in the knowledge base but it did not help me so far. I have Cisco 300 series on 3 of our QU mixers, as they are small and not as expensive as the AH MU switch, which we use with on an ilive. I have spent a few ours trying to get them to work but had no success. Does anyone have a config file or a real guide on how to setup them. AH explanation (Kb) are not really helpful.
    The Cisco is one of the best switch giving you power for up to 8 devices.
    Thanks for any info.


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    I would be interested to know the answer to this also. I just bought a QU-32 and discovered that it does not have inserts which we need for our Aviom system. If a normal POE switch could be used, then I could maybe afford to buy a couple ME-1’s to get us by temporarily.

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    I am using a BV-Tech POE-SW801. 8-port PoE switch I got on Amazon for $80.00. It works brilliantly.

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