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    I play electric guitar in our worship band. We are trying to move to a silent stage, so I recently started using an ME-1 rather than a floor monitor. Through the ME-1 the guitar sounds excessively bright. Ice-picky bright. Like the bridge pickup on a Telecaster through Deluxe Reverb bright– and that’s using the the neck pickup on a Les-Paul-style guitar. It doesn’t sound that way through a floor monitor or through the main mix.

    The guitar is a Godin LGXT. I’m running it through an Atomic Amplifier 12, typically modeling either a Fender Twin or Marshall Plexi. If I plug my in-ear monitors directly into the headphone output of the amp emulator, the guitar sounds like I’d expect. It’s also fine if I run it into a powered full range speaker system. I’m using the XLR out from the AA to go into the board, and as mentioned, the guitar sounds fine through the output mix or a floor monitor. But through the ME-1, it is excessively bright.

    My next step is to see if things are different through one of the other ME-1s. I’ll also try a pair of studio headphones to see if they make any difference. The next step would be a hardware reset on the ME-1.

    Any other ideas or suggestions?


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    There is a master eq on the me-1

    The problem is that there are many point of eq in the chain. You have to look to every one what is done.

    How is the guitar channel routed to the me-1 whitch bord is used.

    For a input direct out the direct out pick point is where the audio is taken.

    Is there a channel eq with a high boost?

    If you press the master key on the me-1 with no channel selected you see the master eq, is it flat?

    I’am first day user of the me system, i can say that it is flat so if the is a boost in the high it is somewhere dialed in.

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