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    Is there any way for a sound engineer or another tech to listen in on someone’s Me-1 unit?

    I’m looking to install this system in my church with volunteers who have never used IEM systems. If they somehow mess up their own mix, is there a way for an engineer to listen in via a QU32 and get an idea of what the performer is listening to?

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    When I have a user that is having issues with mixing, I take my headphones and plug into the back of the ME-1. That’s how I listen to their mix. And there is no other way as the ME-1 does not send any info out over the data line.

    The most common issues I run into is:
    Not turning up the volume for a group master, they get the single channels fine within the group, but forget the group master.
    Turning up the local mic volume too much.
    Trying to work with the previous weeks mix. (I like to reset/recall all units to a base setting of all channels at 0, unless its the same person from the previous week)
    Not having their IEM body pack turned on or up enough.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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