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    I own a qu16 and i need an IEM system for our band. We need at least 7-8 stereo mixes so qu-app is not an option. We are between ME-1 and movek mymix audio, with the first choice seems easier to feed directly from the dsnake output.
    Our concerns are:

    – ME-1 has no eq/tone control per channel (like mymix)
    – There is no global effect (ex. Reverb) to the unit to mix with each channel as desired.
    – Mymix can feed local inputs to the network (as extra inputs)

    BUT the main advantage of ME-1 is that we can feed directly it from the dsnake without additional cabling, costs etc.
    Lets get to the point. Is there a possibility to implement the above scenario?

    Example: We have 5 vocal mics used simultaneously (channel 1-5) and we use FX1 as a reverb for FOH. On ME-1 if I open channel 1-5 and FX1 return I will hear all mics with reverb right? Or if I open channels 4-5 and FX1 return I will hear ONLY mics 4-5 with reverb?

    Another example: Four different musicians with ME-1’s want to hear the above scenario is that possible?
    Musician1: vocal 1 with reverb, vocal 2 dry, guitar with reverb, snare with reverb
    Musician 2: vocal 1 dry, vocal 2 with reverb, guitar dry, snare dry
    Musician3: vocal 3 with reverb, vocal 1 dry, snare with reverb, toms with reverb
    Musician 4: vocal 4 with reverb, vocal 1 with reverb, vocal 2 dry, snare dry, toms dry, guitar with reverb

    We are very confused about how can we have the desired fx level on every ME-1 individually. This solved very easily with mymix as there is a global effect on the PSM so no need for fx from the feeding console.


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    Any help?

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    Well, you can patch all 4 FX returns to ME-1 and control their levels on each unit as requested. You can gruop them locally on ME-1 for convenience. For your setup you might need some external FX patched from aux to stereo returns.


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    Thank you ddff_ly for your answer. Maybe I’ll some external FX as you mentioned before.

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