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    I was under the impression that you could use an MCA on dLive OneMix so that your musician could, for example, turn the drums in his mix down with one fader. But when I tried it, it acted like a DCA and turned the drums down in my FOH mix.

    Did I set up something wrong, or is it not possible?


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    I found the same problem today. Noticed that in OneMix app the DCA faders are still visible as DCA, not as MCA. This is feature added in last firmware, so maybe it is not in app yet?

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    Noticed this last week. And confirmed again this morning, I was not just missing something. Also seems to not work in Custom Control.

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    Is this the intended behavior, or should we keep hoping for a bug fix? I was trying to use an MCA in OneMix a couple days ago and it’d only function as a DCA.

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