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    Questions: if anyone can help…
    Before I go racing out and buying powered USB 2 cabling of any sorts-
    Will USB2 powered cabling work on QU USB-B?

    Will USB2 over ethernet work at all for USB-B streaming?

    I have read maximum distance for USB2 is 5 meters

    Thank you

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    Hi Dave

    I was informed (in another thread) that up to 1.5m standard USB cable will work fine (not sure what you mean by ‘powered’) but any longer than about 2m and there could be errors with audio transfer.


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    USB over ethernet should, in theory, work.
    Why do you need a very long cable?

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    Im just thinking out-side of the square as I do
    A recent post about splitting signals. (poor mans split)
    Not, that I want to do this (as I have racks of multiple anologue splitters) however there has been so much discusion on this topic.
    So I experimented with this just using the equipment on hand.
    Utilising a couple of days off, whilst in the laying low, sick mode.
    It seems like this (aggregate) might be a possiblilty for a digital split within the QU domain using this process.
    This may be a great way for a simple digital split where latency is not an issue? Houses of worship wanting to broadcast or people wanting to capture with a different mix other than the FOH mix with out having to remix!?
    So my question: what sort of distance can we get out of USB into a computer and then onto another QU?
    I’m using/tested USB average grade leads at this moment.
    I dont plan on racing out to buy expensive USB leads or cable.
    And I dont have that time…

    Just putting it out there.


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    Success on USB Audio Streaming isn’t only a question of cable length but also requires properly matching circuits and internal cabling (PC layout, grounding etc.) on both ends. A longer cable requires tighter specs on the endpoints and also highly depends on cable quality (not the copper, but electrical symmetry). You may try a longer run, but that’s no proof to work life if it worked at home (different interferences, noise on power ground etc.).
    Using an Aggregate device is clever, but only works on Mac. I doubt there’s any DAW available capable of dealing with two different ASIO connections in parallel on PC.
    However, I really doubt tunneling USB Audio Streaming through ethernet would work, due to the tight timing requirements on the USB side (125┬ÁSec packet interval).
    Congrats, very creative!

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    ok Thanks
    I was really thinking about the scenario where a QU32 out FOH (FOH and foldback) and a split to capture or broadcast scenario where a second QU32 is within 3-10 meters away. Eyesight in reach however delayed.
    I didnt try a full 24 or so channels of stream into Reaper.
    However when I initially tried this out I must have fluked or Tricked the Mac into input and outputing data?
    Then stumbled across Aggregate which I have tried before with GSR24m and QU, not sucsessfully before.
    But never give up!
    Someone else may pick up on this and continue their journey



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    With latency being ignored you could presumably have a machine by the “source” QU doing a network multichannel protocol to another machine by the “destination” QU.
    A simple protocol can’t be *that* hard (assuming dedicated networking)

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