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    This may be a silly question, but can a Matrix or an Aux mix be sent to another Monitor mix?

    I run sound from stage and I’d like to send the LR mix pre-main EQ to my in-ear mix to accurately judge what mix the audience is hearing. Monitoring LR post-main EQ sends the FOH EQ to the in-ear, which I’m trying to avoid. I was running all channels post-fader on my monitor mix, including the FOH effects, which works pretty well, but I’d rather grab the pre-main EQ signal on one fader to make it easier to play and mix at the same time.

    I tried the obvious by selecting a monitor mix and bringing up the Matrix fader, but I get nothing from the Matrix to the destination monitor mix. I already send a post-channel fader, pre-main EQ mix to a stereo Aux feeding a Matrix that records pre-EQ LR to SQ-Drive channels 31-32, so I am sure all channels are patched to the Matrix properly. I’m just trying to send that signals to Auxes via the Matrix or directly from the Aux mix.

    Is this better handled using Groups? I currently have the SQ set up with 12 auxes and 0 groups because of a combination of IEMs and wedges that I need to run, but I’ll reconfigure if needed.



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    One option is to send the LR to a matrix and use that for your PA feed, then you don’t need to EQ the LR itself. I’ve done this before to get a recording of the LR without any PA/room specific EQ.

    This will give you the LR mix in your ears, but I’d be careful about assuming this is the same as what the audience is actually hearing, particularly depending on how much is coming off the stage naturally.


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