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    Please add matrix mutes option to softkeys
    In reference to using a QU32 in a studio situation to A/B studio speakers.

    QU Studio A/B studio monitor speaker selector

    Rather than having to take precious custom layer fader space or sharing the return faders as in the pics attached.
    It takes 3 clicks to get to the Matrix channels in the upper layer.
    This could be resolved by simply adding matrix mutes [being your A/B monitor outputs] to softkeys so matter what layer you are in you can audition either studio monitors.

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    Or allow them in mute groups?

    I have a fixed install where different matrix outs are in different mute groups on a different desk.

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    Thanks Bob
    I’m talking about a studio scenario. Not live sound.
    Just wanting a ‘quick mute’ of different matrix sends as sends to 2 different monitors in a studio situation to A/B speakers.
    This is of course coming from using a studio desk where you can A/B different speakers.
    This is a ‘work around scenario’
    And it works… i have been using this for the last couple of days although using the returns channels 31 / 32

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    Yes – but if you have the matrices available in the mute groups then you can use them on the soft keys.

    If you have an android/idevice then you could of course connect that up and leave the relevant faders on that screen for easy muting.

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    If you have an android/idevice then you could of course connect that up and leave the relevant faders on that screen for easy muting

    Yes for sure.
    That would be fine as well.
    Matrix’s available in mute groups.
    Unfortunately I use the ethernet port for DAW control into iMacs’ on both systems.
    Alternative of course is to buy an outboard device like the Mackie Big knob or a Behringer or just whatever and…

    Digital mixers are at a stage where they can be used either live, production and now studio now.
    Hence thats the best cost effective way of owning a ‘quality’ digital desk.

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    If the Qu is connected to a Computer anyway, a simple tool sending the appropriate MIDI messages to control matrix mutes may work. Not sure if the softkeys do send some MIDI message out, maybe that could be accomplished by some bome translator rule…

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    Thanks Andreas
    my signal flow from iMac is
    iMac Reaper MASTER output Return => channels 31/32 => QU Left/Right FOH => matrix 1&2 [my main Yamaha monitors] matrix 3&4 [other monitors].
    The Left / Right master fader feeds the matrixs’ POST
    My custom layer [1-30] are all Reaper audio channels which control faders, mutes solo in place etc…. via ethernet control
    Custom layer channels 31/32 share [at this moment] the matrix mutes which works fine.
    Talking from a DAW point of veiw, if the Matrix output sends could mute either of the 2 sets of monitors then the Reaper return chanels 31/32 on the custom layer could stay as the master return on lower and custom layer whilst flipping layers.

    Thanks again.

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    Seek and thou shall find!?
    Im surprised no one knew this?
    They are under channel mutes option.
    Days of trial and error!

    I dont know how to delete all of those old posts and requests? for channel muting.
    Waste of time!


    NZdave out!

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    Excellent – glad you’ve found it!

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