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    Hi all,

    The only way I know to access matrix mixing for the 3 on-board matrices on the SQ series is via routing and then using the touch screen to change send levels from the various groups.

    Is there a way to do this via just the faders themselves?

    I guess what I’d like to do is a bit like a DCA spill, where I press a soft key (programmed to be associated with a Matrix) and it throws all the the groups (and auxes if so desired) on to faders, which then you can adjust send levels for, for that matrix. I think this would exponentially improve the matrix mixing accessibility and make it much more user friendly.

    If not, it’s going on the feature requests page!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Mr.Si

    The ‘CH to All Mix’ key will help with this as it will always show you where you can route the currently selected channel – if any mix master channel is selected, you will see the matrices.
    As it’s often missed, note that you can also hold the ‘CH to All Mix’ key and either the ‘Pre Fade’ or ‘Assign’ keys at the same time, in order to set send levels, assignments and pre/post fade really quickly.
    (You hardly need to go into the routing screen actually!)


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    Thank you Keith,

    That’s really helpful. I asked in the FB group too and it was also the answer given by someone there.

    I am considering moving over to a matrix for live stream duties rather than using an Aux but most of the users are volunteers of all shapes and sizes so trying to decide which will be best.

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    Is this a good time to repeat my request that the ‘CH to All Mix’ is made available on a foot switch?


    I’d really like to keep both hands free while I adjust an instrument’s level to each monitor. I guess it could be because I’m left handed.

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    Sorry to ressurect this one, but I was just thinking about this some more today and wondered if there was any possibility to do a “Matrix Spill” feature, so to speak via the soft key assignments?

    So the workflow being that you hit a softkey (not the sel key as that’ll go into the processing of the matrix) and have it programmed as a toggle button that spills onto the faders, the mixes that are assigned to that specific matrix. Then you can easily and readily mix the levels quickly for that matrix at the same time rather than doing the channel to all thing. I hope that makes sense…? I also wonder if it could possibly almost act like a macro and also AFL that matrix into PAFL bus whilst this is toggled on and then un-AFL it when the toggle is off.

    What do people think?

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