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    I’m currently using a matrix to send my LR bus to a camera. I’m having a few volume problems such as my bass guitar not sounding loud in the house, but being too loud in the camera feed. My only idea to fix this is to use an Aux output to create a separate mix for the camera, but I have seen different places use a matrix to run the camera feed successfully. Any suggestions?

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    If you want the video feed to be different then yes you need to create a separate mix. Either mono or stereo aux. There is always a significant difference in a direct mix vs the live house mix where you adjust based on the instrument levels in the room from amps, acoustic drums etc. That mix rarely translates to a direct mix for video. I do a lot of live TV audio. Have for over 35yrs. We always do split mixes with separate consoles in a controlled mix room separated from the live venue.

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    Are you using any subgroups? Using a matrix doesn’t change the mix by itself but it does allow you to create a different mix than you’re sending to FOH.

    If you had for example a drums group, bass group, guitar group, keys group (or just one “instrument” group) and vocal group you could go into your matrix mix and change the level of each of those groups sending to the matrix.


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    This is what we have been playing around with. We created a matrix send for the production guys and then set them up with ‘One Mix’ on an IPAD. They were setup to mix the groups out to their matrix. This worked fairly well as the house guy would mix inputs into the groups for balance, and while he mixed groups to house for the congregation, the production guys can remotely mix groups to their production feed.


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