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    Dlive has some rocking compressor emulations in it right now. It would be a really great addition to have a master bus compressor added! These compressors have incredibly detailed characteristics and color that sound amazing before even compressing anything. Adding something like that would really make our mixes rock!

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    An good SSL emulation as well as a nice vari mu emulation would be great indeed.

    I do love the opto on most sources, I have to admit it’s great!



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    +1 – SSL4000 Busscompressor would be nice.

    But, dLive has Master-Bus Compressor – the Opto is modeled with LA-2A in mind, which is an Masterbus Compressor. Also the RMS-Compressor is a Master-Compressor.

    Third try this: use the VU, RMS or Opto Model, then switch on Parallel-Mode. Turn Dry up to 100%, Wet totally of. Make the compressor working really hard (like 8-12dB compression). Then bring up the Wet. This really rocks, is a trick widely used by top dog studio engineers and is one of the things that is special to iLive/dLive – because parallel compression needs to be phase coherent, which this one is!

    Cheers pete.j

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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