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    OK. I’ve been fighting this for H O U R S and I’m getting really ticked off.
    Yes, I’ve RTFM over and over.

    Very simply, I have one line coming in from a DI box where the performer will be switching between guitar, Dobro, and Weisborn, all which will need different EQ. Simple, eh?

    Oh yeah. QU-PAC and AB168…

    So I really want to do this on channels 4, 5, and 6.

    So I go to the I/O patch, and put channel strips 5 & 6 under channel four. Tap in mic to check, only channel=strip four getting signal. 4, 5, and 6 should be getting signal.

    Here’s the Pi$$er.

    If I do the EXACT same routine on the AB168 (labled 4, 5, 6 on the AB168) showing on channel-strips 20, 21, and 22, everything works as expected. Tap on 1 mic, three channel-strips react.

    The implication is that I cannot repatch channel strips on the main QU-PAC, but I can on the AB168.

    What am I missing? Please do not tell me I cannot do it without the AB168 connected. Please. I don’t think I can handle that answer. The idea of the QU-PAC was to travel lighter, and with less fuss. Not that the AB168 is either big or heavy, but it is additional fuss. Call me a snowflake.

    I had a pro-bowler friend, when a game went wrong, threw ball, bag, and shoes off a Potomac River bridge on the way home. I shudder to think how many balls are down there. I’m ready to throw three A&H pieces (16, PAC, AB168) off the same bridge. He also is now bald.

    Right now, I still have hair. I have no idea what I’d look like patchy-bald. (sigh)

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    The channels on all QU models are fixed 1:1, you cannot re-patch to other channels, but by using the AB168 or the AR stage boxes you can, so you could plug into channel 1 on the stagebox and re-patch to channel 3 or whatever channel you fancied.

    So looks like you will have to carry the stagebox with you.

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    Lee7 is correct.
    If you want a fully patchable console then sell your QuPac and AB168 and purchase an SQ5. All the SQ models feature fully patchable inputs.

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    Mike C

    I have a QU Pac, a AB168 and a AR2412.
    To do what you want to do “digitally” you will need to connect the AB168
    to the QU Pac. Go to the IO set up menu, stage box inputs, the horizontal row
    “main inputs” refers to the stage box channels, the vertical row of numbers refers
    to the mixer input channels. So if your plugging your DI into channel 4 on the box
    and you want it to appear on channels 4,5,6 on the mixer highlight the cross point
    patches under channel 4 on channels 4,5,6 . On the channel source select screen assign
    the stage box / DS channels to the mixer channels.

    OR……………go low tech with a three way/triple Y cable just plugged into
    the 3 channels you want the DI input to go directly to the inputs on the QU Pac.
    You could use a three transformer split but I don’t think you would need it.
    What is the DI box I doubt a three way hard wire split will affect it.

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    Mike C

    Oh, if you do decided to throw it off a bridge let us know first
    so someone can be there to catch it!!

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    Dick Rees

    There are several solutions or work-arounds, but the first thing you need to do is slow down, collect yourself and realize that it WILL work…just not as you desire/think/imagine. OK…

    1. Route the channel to the main mix via groups, EQ as required using the group processing rather than channel processing.

    2. Physically split the signal at the board using a couple of FXLR x 2 MXLR cables:

    There are more possibilities, but less elegant. For now, I’d go with splitting 3 ways using group routing.

    Good luck. Don’t panic.

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    Dick Rees


    Gtr routed via Grp 1/2, dobro routed via Grp 3/4, other routed via Grp 5/6, all fed from a single incoming channel. You now have effectively split the incoming signal 3 ways and can EQ/process them separately as you desired.

    Set up your channels on a Custom layer. Assign the channel to each Group and un-assign the channel from the Main bus to avoid double-busing.

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    Dick Rees

    Custom layer might look like this:

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