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    John McBae

    Hey sorry to bring up another brand of desk, I did switch from Digico to dLive and for the most part couldn’t be happier. However, if you have ever used Digico’s macros to their full potential you can’t help but be a little disappointed with dLive Soft Keys. Please add the ability to assign a wider array of functions to them and allow multiple functions to be assigned to a single Soft Key.

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    +1 It’d be great for mixing monitors from FoH… one softkey to both activate the DCA spill for your monitor channels and set sends on faders for whichever mix you want.

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    John, I’m in the exact same boat. The multiple functions on one button would help so much. I’m starting to think that’s why there are so many softkeys, because they can’t be assigned to more than one function, or even toggle something on/off…

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    Toggling something with a single softkey would really nice. Obviously this doesn’t apply to every function, but there are some that it would.

    On a side note, I think something like what Dave is asking for is coming to the Avantis in firmware 1.1 (where a single softkey can be set up to bascially reset the board to work a single mix and solo it, etc all at once) Honestly I assumed it was already available on the DLive, but looking that DLive Director it doesn’t seem like it is. So perhaps it will be coming with DLive firmware 1.9 which is hopefully just a couple months away.

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    You are wrong Brian. This function is in dLive for more than 5 years at least (if not from day one)

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    I agree – triggered sequences or stacked actions would be helpful. For example: I have a matrix for my livestream. I have a subset of axes and my mains going to the matrix; however, during preservice I have an aux with audio playback that isn’t happening in the room going to the livestream. I turn on and off individual sends to the matrix with the soft keys – would love for that to be just an A/B on one button thing.

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    Why not using a scene for that?

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    Would be cool if custom controls app let you stack commands.

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    Macros would be amazing. Right now you have to use recall filters and then put those scenes on a soft key. It works, but seems like the long route.

    We currently do this with our Waves processing inserts just in case the server crashes; I have SK that unpatches vox, one for all inputs, and one that puts waves back in… although a normal scene recall would take care of that anyway.

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    Chris Irwin

    Agreed! I also come from Digico and was quite disappointed when setting up and using soft keys (on Avantis). Not only do I really miss stacked functions on one button, but I also miss the wide array of choices that I would expect to find but didn’t. I get that maybe stacking functions is not a simple change to make, but there could be a lot more options of what to add to softkeys…

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    +1 I have some Digico rentals that have moved to dLive (and Avantis) for theatre, and this has come up a number of times.

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