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    Before I bought the Q-24 I owned several Behringer DDX3216 consols.
    With those B’s it was possible to use 2 layers as totally separate mixers. So input-channels 1-16 were routed into layer-1 (1-16) and layer-2 (17-32) as Well.
    In this way I could mix FOH and monitors separately On one console.
    Advantage On this set-up is that all processing is independent. For example changing eq or dynamics for FOH-mixing does not effect the monitormix. Apart from the (unwanted) change in monitorsound you also do not want to initiate feedback-problems.

    I would be very happy if processing of mainmix could be separated from the mix-layers. Or even all mix-layers have their OWN processing. Maybe a possibility to switch it On or off.

    Regards, Ruud

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    Your DDX3216 was a 32ch console with 16ch spread over two layers. You can do the same with a Qu24, except obviously you only get 12ch instead of 16ch for FoH/mons respectively.

    If you issue is just with strip layout, why not use the custom strip to put CH13-24 on strips 1-12, and toggle between input and custom layers? Personally, I’d just split the desk down the middle.

    Giving every input/mix crosspoint its own processing is completely absurd, there are finite DSP resources available. I don’t know a single manufacturer that has ever offered that.. Maybe in the future we will see that, but not in the current generation of digital mixers.

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    Are you saying you want each layer to have individual EQ and dynamics on the same input?

    That isn’t possible on a QU to my knowledge. On a GLD you could make it 2 24 channel consoles by assigning inputs to other channels. Like 1-25, 2-26 etc. I know the LS9 can have a digital copy of 1-32 on 33-64 but I am not sure if the processing can be different.

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    Thanks for your inputs Mervaka and GCumbee
    You both let me think how realistic my suggestion is, considering the practice on the gig and the demands on the electronics.

    Yes (Mervaka), I already considered a split of the main mix layer. But 12 channels is not enough for most of my gigs.
    Now, if I have enough channels available I only “double” the input-channels for vocals. Mostly 5 at the max.
    I can live with that for now! And, to be honest, I don’t want to think about processing all instruments (including drums) separately for all mixes. That would be unworkable.

    Still (my) vocalists have individual preferences in their monitoring, some of them with in-ears.

    Maybe my suggestion can be relativated somewhat:
    Is it possible to choose for a separate processing for each channel by means of a (software) switch.
    I can imagine this could be realized for a limited number of channels and/or layers.

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