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    I’m a very happy SQ-5 owner and professional user.
    However, I recently discovered what I deemed to be a mistake in the SQ-5. But when I looked around here on the forum, it seems I’m not the first owner reporting this issue. So it must be a design choice and not a mistake, otherwise I reckon A&H would have solved it by now.
    Hence my choice to post it here as a feature suggestion:

    PLEASE: make it possible to recall safe separate FX slots.

    For a project I’m touring with, I’m using 4 FX slots for FX with sends and returns (reverbs and delays), and slot 5-8 for bus processing via inserts (eg. multiband compression on the band, de-esser on the main vocals etc.).
    For different songs, I’d like to recall FX parameters (eg. delay time & feedback), yet I obviously DO NOT wish to change the settings of the FX slots which contain bus processing.
    I’ve looked around in the SQ-5 and tested several things, however, it seems at this point I can only recall safe ALL FX slots’ parameters, and not just the slots of my choice. Global and Scene Filters must allow FX parameter recall, the Safes page makes it possible to ‘safe’ the FX sends & returns faders, but not the FX units themselves.
    The result is that, when you’ve saved each song as a scene, and you want to change the bus processing, the previously saved settings get recalled with every new song, which is very annoying. This makes the ‘extra’ FX slots 5-8 pretty much unusable.

    The solution would be to add a safe button for each FX slot to the ‘Safes’ page. A relatively small ask, I’d think, but of course I’m not a programmer.
    I’m not the first SQ owner running into this issue, though – proof is the list below of topics on this forum where people have had the same problem.

    recall just one slot in FX rack

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    Soft Key for Recall FX User Preset in specific FX Slot

    Extended safes parameters

    Recall Safe individual FX units.

    Can Allen & Heath please fix this and give many SQ owners better tools to work with? Thank you!

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    Would be really great.

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