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    After working with Director a lot – i have a wish.
    Really liked Ilive Editor – cause it was optmised for Computer Control – Director is not as user friendly in this case.
    Personly i would like to have a kind of channel strip separated from this big window in the middle.
    Also the Scene store/recall etc. section should be removable to have more space – i dont use this – so i dont want to take up space that could be used elsewhere.
    Also i dlike to see that the effect section could be in an separate Window (like in ilive editor…)
    Would be great if Director could get an redesign – now it is not as ideal as it could be.
    At least for me.

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    Disagree completely. The director is a much better reflection of the actual desk, than the iLive editor ever was. You can have the setup screen separated from the faders, new feature in v 1.40.

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    Thought that the ooinions would differ.
    But what would i want for Mixing with an Laptop?
    A software that looks like the desk that has knobs and faders and buttons and is desifned to be controlled by 2 hands or would i dlike to see a software thats designed to be controlled by a Mouse (for finger control i have the Ipad App)?
    The problem is – the setup screen is not only the setup screen but also the Processing- Fx-, Routingscreen and so on.
    Almost afraid to say but Behringer has made an really good Editor – but thats no reason to like the desk itself – but as i find its perfect to work as an Editor and be controlled by a Mouse.

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    there are two opinions:
    – the software resembles very much the desk surface
    – the software works regardless of surface gave

    both ways have advantages, but also disadvantages!
    I am also a friend of the independent representation, like the iLive Editor. however, for beginners the other solution is better.
    but maybe one could try to consider both ways?
    to the example with additional layer like in the iLive editor?

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    I find that director works ergonomically pretty well with 2 touchscreens! A smaller one for the processing window (like the desk itself) and a larger one for the fader and buttons control.

    Have you also considered pairing the director software on a touchscreen pc with 2 or 3 ip8 fader banks? Could be quite a nice surfaceless solution…

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    Yes that may be the case – with 2 Touchscreens – but with just one Laptop its pretty hard to work with.

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